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108 Reasons NOT to Do Yoga

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Apr 25, 2020

Join co-hosts Diana Vitarelli and Libby Carstensen of and find out where the music industry and yoga world collide. Libby shares insights on the Grief Recovery Method and how to get better at feeling. Then, the Goddess in the Closet returns and John Vitarelli counts like never before!

Artwork: Erin...

Mar 21, 2020

Join co-hosts Diana Vitarelli and Joe Longo of the Inspired Creativity podcast. They have just left an intense meeting about a yoga guru allegedly having sexual relationships with students. Their reactions are raw. Trigger Warning.

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Artwork: Erin Kate Ford


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Feb 13, 2020

Join co-hosts Diana Vitarelli and Danielle Jarecha in part 2 of this interview to find out how Danielle's ride in an ambulance went, hear what happens when you ask for help and don't get it (and have to keep asking), and learn what Danielle's One Reason is... Also, the Goddess in the Closet answers a question...

Dec 17, 2019

Join co-hosts Diana Vitarelli and Danielle Carr Jarecha of Mothercraft Herbal for the first half of this 2 part interview about being obsessed with yoga (is that healthy?), having to surrender, and being business owners. Later, listen in as the Goddess in the Closet advises a listener about how to start...

Oct 6, 2019

Join Co-Hosts Diana Vitarelli and Amy Ruocchio as they get into real talk about Amy's life in professional design, what it feels like to hit a breaking point, and what it takes to walk away from a career that you've invested time, energy, and lots of money into. Plus, more about Ashtanga Yoga (and how to avoid the old...